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The 5 Most Essential Fire Safety Products For Your Home

Home Fire SafetyNick Mastrantone

Fires can be accidentally or intentionally started, but once alight, the heat and poor visibility can make it difficult for people to escape or fight the flames. At Adelaide Fire Solutions, we believe that the best way to minimise the risk of fire is to take the threat seriously and put in place the correct fire prevention measures and safety products. Understanding potential triggers and making fire safety plans are some of the methods you could use, but we have rounded up 5 fire safety products that you just can’t do without in your home!

  1. Smoke Alarms
    Smoke detectors are the most important items of your fire safety kit. In case of fire emergencies, they give an early warning through alarms, alerting people before the fire gets a chance to turn into a catastrophic disaster. Even if you’re a sound sleep, you don’t have to worry about sleeping through the alarm. At 85 decibels, they’re quite loud. We suggest that you should keep testing your smoke alarms regularly and maintain their basic battery-operations. If you push the button and the alarm sounds, they are good to go. They are powerful and cost-effective devices that save your lives and properties by triggering your evolutionary instincts of recognising danger.

  2. Fire Extinguishers
    A fire extinguisher is the best fire safety product for dousing a small fire before it becomes uncontrollable. In Australia, you can find 6 main types of fire extinguisher used for extinguishing fires caused due to different types of sources. For your house, you should have at least a 1kg or 2kg dry powder or 2l foam fire extinguisher so that you can achieve multipurpose coverage and versatility. Try to install them in places where you can easily reach out for them before the fire engulfs your setting. To find the most suitable fire extinguisher for your setting, check out our shop at

  3. Fire Blankets
    Fire blankets are usually found near kitchens as they are used to put off cooking fires and oil fires. It is one of the most cost-effective fire safety products which can be used to wrap around people if their clothes catch fire. It is a simple device, and can be ideal for someone not used to a fire extinguisher. Fire blankets come in a suite of sizes and can be purchased from our shop at

  4. Home Sprinklers
    If you think that having only smoke alarms installed is enough for the safety of your home, then you are wrong! Even if wake up due to a smoke alarm, you would have seconds to get out of the building in case of a fire emergency. A residential fire can double in size within a couple of minutes. Well, a single sprinkler head may prevent 90% of fires from leaving the room of origin and spreading to other rooms. They can prevent the fire from escalating, which means the difference between a minor incident and a major tragedy.

  5. Fire Retardant Paint
    Products such as fire-retardant paint can be used to help stop a fire from either commencing or spreading. Mostly used in kitchens and basements, fire retardant paints protect substrates from burning, melting and weakening in fire, thereby increasing evacuation time and holding off structural collapse.

Apart from that, we believe that when a blaze is on its way, a well-thought-out evacuation plan and smart fire prevention solutions are far more important than anything sold in a store! At Adelaide Fire Solutions, we can assist you with all your queries about the safety equipment you need for your home, so contact us today at