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The Importance of a Fire Sprinkler System in your Business Premises

Business Fire Safety, Workplace Fire SafetyNick Mastrantone

A well-designed and well-maintained fire sprinkler system is one of the most effective weapons in your business’s fire safety arsenal. In the unfortunate event of a fire, it can significantly reduce the damage caused to your property and assets, and can provide staff with more time to safely evacuate the premises.

Sprinkler systems can be customised in terms of their design and fire suppression method to best suit your needs, and they are very effective at increasing the safety of building occupants and reducing the lasting damage done to a building by fire.

The purpose of a sprinkler system

A fire sprinkler system is a major part of your overall fire safety strategy. Its purpose is to release an adequate amount of suppression material to extinguish a fire entirely or, at least, to prevent a fire from growing larger and spreading to other areas.

There are a range of different types of sprinkler systems to suit your business. Adelaide Fire Solutions offers design and installation of all these different systems.

Keeping your employees safe

The most important reason why fire sprinkler systems should be used on all business premises is the major impact they have on reducing fatalities. By containing the fire to one area or extinguishing it entirely, there is a much better chance that no one will be injured or killed, as people are given more time to safely evacuate from the building.

Sprinkler systems are also effective at reducing the amount of smoke produced by a fire. The smoke and fumes created by a fire are toxic and are one of the most dangerous aspects of a large fire. Smoke and fumes can spread quickly and are more often the cause of injury and death than is the fire itself. A fire sprinkler will reduce the amount of smoke produced by a fire and will prevent vision-obscuring smoke from spreading through a building, creating a safer evacuation path.

Adelaide Fire Solutions design and install these automatic fire sprinkler systems to create a fast, efficient and automatic fire response, reducing injury and death to your employees and guests.

Protecting your building and assets

Even if everyone evacuates a threatened building safely, an uncontained fire will destroy your property. A fire sprinkler system reduces the amount of structural damage caused by a fire by preventing the fire from spreading throughout the premises.

Sometimes business owners will minimise their sprinkler system coverage in the belief that its water will damage their building and assets just as much as a fire would! However, this is not the case.

In the case of water-based systems, sprinkler systems only produce the minimum amount of water required to contain the fire and the water is only released in the area where the fire is located. This can reduce the amount of property damage substantially and even save an entire building.

Sprinkler system options

There are many other suppressant options when it comes to sprinkler systems. Adelaide Fire Solutions offers dry systems, deluge systems, wall wetting systems and fast response systems as well as the regular wet systems. Find out which sprinkler would best suit your building to keep everything as safe as possible in the instance of a fire emergency.

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