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7 Reasons Commercial Buildings Fail Safety Inspections

Workplace Fire Safety, Business Fire SafetyNick Mastrantone

All commercial buildings require regular safety inspections along with testing fire protection equipment. Not complying with regulations won’t just lead to failing the safety inspection, it also puts the building occupants and employees in danger, with the potential for a really bad situation to occur.

Anything from faulty emergency lights to expired fire extinguishers can be a significant hazard. While there are a number of different reasons commercial buildings fail safety inspection, there are some which are often seen over and over again.

Ensure your building is up to code, with these 7 reasons commercial buildings fail safety inspections.

1. Exit Doors

One of the most common reasons for failing a safety inspection is related to exit doors. Frequently, exit doors can be difficult to open from inside the building. In an emergency every second counts, and if one was to occur, occupants need to be able to exit the building safely in a timely manner.

2. Obstructions In The Workplace

It’s quite common for new deliveries to be stacked temporarily in the workplace once they have been received until they have been unpacked and put away. However, it is also a hazard which can be dangerous if an incident was to occur. Ensure that pathways, stairways, and walkways are clear and free from obstructions at all times.

3. Emergency Lights & Signs

In the event of a power outage, emergency lights & signs are extremely important to guide employees out of the building safely. However, quite often emergency lights and exit signs aren’t regularly checked or maintained and are faulty. Performing regular checks will make sure they are on standby for when you need them most.

4. Exposed Electricals

Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of commercial building fires. However, quite often electrical outlets, junction boxes, and circuit breaker panels are not covered, and instead left completely exposed to the elements, and people. It’s crucial to ensure that outlets are properly and securely covered at all times.

5. No Fire Extinguishers

Another reason for failing a safety inspection is there are no fire extinguishers in the building. It’s also possible if there are fire extinguishers, but they are either faulty, expired, hidden, or have an obstruction in front of them. Ensure fire extinguishers are clearly marked, easily accessible, and that they have not expired. They may one day need to save your life.

6. Faulty Fire Alarm System

It’s all too common that the fire alarm system of the building hasn’t been tested for over a year, and something has broken down. It’s critical to regularly test and service a fire alarm system by a licensed fire alarm company. A fire alarm is extremely critical to be able to notify people of a fire, and give them enough time to escape the building safely

7. Areas Surrounding The Building Are Not Clear

If the direct area around the outside of the building contains weeds, high grass, debris or trash - this makes it difficult for people to evacuate in an emergency easily. Also, if a fire were to occur, it would result in it quickly spreading and causing more chaos.

Commercial Building Safety Inspections should be taken extremely seriously, while always ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations.

Trying to cut corners, or not regularly servicing fire alarms, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers could lead to building occupants and employees being unnecessarily put at risk if a disaster were to happen.

Ensure your commercial building passes safety inspections each time with affordable fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, hose reels and more. Visit our online store today.