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An effective fire protection system is crucial in protecting your property and saving people's lives, so it’s extremely important that sprinklers and all the other weapons in your fire safety arsenal are kept in good condition so that they work as they should when required.

A sprinkler system acts as a first line of defence against fire damage by preventing fire and toxic smoke from spreading throughout the building. These sprinklers are one of the most effective and important aspects of a fire safety system, so it is important that they are kept in good condition. If not, they could malfunction when needed or even go off when not needed. Any irregularity in performance could cause property damage or even injury and death of staff members.

It is a legal requirement for building owners to have a programme in place for regular testing and maintenance of fire equipment, to ensure it is capable of doing its job of keeping you, your staff and your building safe.

Australia has had laws in place for many years about fire safety regulations in business, in order to protect staff and property. The South Australian Building Regulation 59.2a states that building owners are required to "inspect, test and maintain in good working order required fire safety matters/things in a building" and also "maintain and keep logbooks of inspections, tests and maintenance of fire safety matters".

The Australian Standard 1851 also describes the need for maintenance schedules.

These laws may seem like a lot of unnecessary extra work but compared to the potential for loss, damage and legal and financial penalty in the event of a fire, it’s definitely the less painful option! This is why it is important that a trusted professional inspects, tests and maintains all your fire safety equipment to ensure that your business is secure in all regards.

The person who inspects your sprinkler system plays an important role in all this. If that person is inexperienced or lacks knowledge of the many aspects of the system, there may be important areas that they miss, meaning your equipment may not be up to code or may not be in proper working condition. This is why it is so important to get a professional who has appropriate knowledge and qualifications to test and maintain your sprinklers, ensuring it will work effectively when needed.

Adelaide Fire Solutions employs qualified professionals who will carry out regular fire equipment testing and maintenance programme for businesses, ensuring sprinkler systems and all other fire safety equipment is tested, meets required standards and complies with relevant Australian laws.

Adelaide Fire Solutions also provides all of the necessary documentation, such as inspection logs and Certificates of Compliance, so you don't have to worry about the paperwork.

Mitigate your fire risk! Make sure your fire sprinkler system is properly installed, checked and maintained by a qualified professional, and that the required inspections and testing is carried out and properly documented in line with building fire safety laws. Contact Adelaide Fire Solutions today!