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Installing a Smoke Detector in your home

Home Fire SafetyNick Mastrantone

Many people do not have smoke detector systems professionally installed in their homes as they are not really accustomed to these appliances and take their use for granted. We assume that we can still smell smoke while we are asleep and wake up in time to escape in case of a fire emergency. Well, the recent studies defy our beliefs and prove that our sleep can get disrupted due to a sound or significant noise, but it is simply not the case with smell.

At Adelaide Fire Solutions, we believe that having a smoke detector installed in your homes is arguably the most essential safety fixture in today’s date. Therefore, we have rounded up some really valuable info that you need to know if you haven’t already installed a smoke detector in your premises.

Why are smoke detectors necessary for your property?

From burnt cooking and improperly extinguished cigarettes to frayed wires causing electrical fires, suspicious smoke can arise from all these substances. Hopefully, your smoke alarm is the only device that will sound at the first sign of trouble, notifying you in case of a fire before the flames spread to other parts of the house, thus protecting you and your family. Airbnb says, “ We strongly encourage all hosts to install smoke and CO detectors in their listings. If you're a host and already have these devices installed, update your listing description to let your guests know you have this important amenity installed because having working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in your home can make a big difference. We know that every house or office space had its own requirements. Therefore, our shop houses a range of fire safety alarms and other products to choose from!

What should you know before installing smoke detectors?

When it comes to installing your smoke detectors, it is paramount that all of your smoke alarms are placed safely, correctly, and in the right place. The following is a rundown about the major points that you need to remember while installing a smoke alarm:

  • You should have at least one alarm per floor in a house, but the more you install, the better your protection.

  • Make sure you follow the fitting instructions, and if unsure, ask someone to assist.

  • Fit the device onto the ceiling, ideally, and at least a foot away from walls and lights.

  • Be aware that there are two types of detectors – Ionisation and Optical; homes with both have better protection. Ionisation alarms are sensitive to the smoke caused by fast-burning fires, such as from a chip pan or from burnt food, therefore they are best suited near your kitchen. Optical alarms are good at detecting smouldering, slow-burning fires, and are best fitted in the hallway or near the living room.

How do you maintain your smoke alarms?

Many people do not take fire alarms seriously because of which they forget to test or check their alarm systems regularly. The only thing that can alert you, your family and colleagues 24/7 from a fire is the sound of a well installed and maintained fire alarm system, therefore, we have rounded up several things you can do to look after your smoke alarm:

  • Test your alarms once a week using the test button.

  • Replace the batteries yearly or as per your need.

  • Change the whole unit at least every 10 years or you can set the frequency depending on the size and the complexity of your fire alarm system.

  • Vacuum any accumulated dust from the detector after every 6 months.

According to the stats, one in every eight house fires attended by the fire brigade have inoperable smoke alarms and, inevitably, they have the highest number of fatalities. Smoke alarm is a relatively cheap but an important accessory for your home, so making sure you have enough well-maintained detectors is a small ask for the long-term reassurance and safety it provides you with. At Adelaide Fire Solutions, we can assist you with all your queries about smoke alarms so contact us today at