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The Ultimate Fire Safety Checklist in a Workplace

Business Fire Safety, Workplace Fire SafetyNick Mastrantone

Employers and owners of commercial properties are responsible for the appropriate fire safety standards in the workplace.

All the premises must be safe from fire hazards and carrying out a fire risk assessment is necessary in every workplace.

The guidelines may differ from place to place, so the childcare centre or a nursing home follows different specific guidelines from a warehouse or a construction site.

If you are an employer, you need to conduct a periodic fire assessment. Implementing all necessary fire safety measures helps reduce any hazards identified in or around the workplace.
This Fire Safety Checklist is a handy tool used to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to create a safe workplace and to increase the fire safety awareness between your employees and customers. Take into account that some industries use specific Fire Risk Assessment Audits forms that are more detailed.

Fire Detection and Smoke Alarms

Is a working smoke and fire detection system and alarm systems installed by a qualified licensed technician?

Are there adequate numbers of alarms per every floor and area of the building?

Are the tests carried out regularly?

Are the smoke and fire detection alarm systems maintained?

Do you have a clear procedure in place in case of fire?

Fire Safety Equipment

Are the appropriate fire extinguishers and Special Hazard Extinguishing System installed?

Are suitable portable extinguishers fully charged and accessible?

Are sprinkles systems tested and maintained?

Is fire hydrant, fire pump system and hose system maintained?

Is emergency lighting than will work in case of a power failure installed?

Are the automatic and magnetic door working and connected to security controls?

Are fire doors kept always closed and free from obstruction?

Are all escape doors clearly marked, and always left clear?

Are fire escape stairs and passage clear?

Emergency Warning and Evacuation Systems

Are the staff, including the new employees, trained in emergency procedures?

Are all your employees trained on how to use fire safety equipment correctly?

Do your staff know about any changes made to the fire safety plan?

Are exit signage and fire door labels displayed correctly?

Are evacuation plans displayed in easy to access and see places?

Are sufficient evacuation routes provided for disabled staff and customers?

Are all the manual call points/warden intercom system clear of obstructions and in working order?

Risk Assessment

Is a suitable and sufficient risk assessment conducted regularly by a competent person? 
Are the necessary steps taken for the hazards either be removed completely or the risks controlled?

Is the risk assessment reviewed and updated when required?

Fire Drills

Are regular fire drills scheduled and attended by your staff?

Are there nominated fire safety wardens who conduct these drills?

Do all your employees know the correct evacuation route and the fire assembly points?

Do you have a system that in case of emergency allows to quickly check who left the building and who may be trapped in the building and in need of assistance or rescue?


Are your electrical power supply and electrical equipment regularly maintained for any signs of faults, damage or wear and tear?

Are damaged electrical cords and broken outlets replaced straight away?

Are there enough socket outlets to prevent overloading of circuits?

Is all the machinery regularly checked for oil leaks and other problems to prevent overheating?


Are any combustible and flammable materials removed from every area that contains electrical equipment?

Are the flammable liquids and other chemicals stored correctly in a locked and appropriately ventilated area, with no leaks or spillages?

Are any empty containers disposed of correctly?

Are outside areas, like yards and dock areas, tidy and clear of waste, discarded materials or other rubbish?


Are ventilation systems maintained?

Is all the cooking equipment checked for faults or other signs of wear and tear?

Is a dry chemical fire extinguisher installed in the kitchen and other cooking areas like a tea room?

Are your staff aware of safe use of cooking facilities?

Additional Workplace Management

Are the smoking areas designated, NO SMOKING signs displayed, and strict smoke-free areas policies implemented?

Do you have security measures to prevent arson fires?

Are special procedures for your specific industry developed and followed?

To keep your workplace environment safe and to protect your staff and visitors you need to conduct and review your fire risk assessment regularly, and to provide proper training to your employees. 

At Adelaide Fire Solutions, we can assist you in conducting a fire risk assessment to make sure that your workplace’s current fire equipment and fire safety procedures fulfil your legal obligations.

Some of the points included in the checklist are easy to check, other need to be checked by a qualified fire risk assessor.

We provide fire safety assessments and training to commercial customers in Adelaide and surrounding areas. To find out more about other services please call us or message using our contact form.

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